Connecting an MP200 and Vega3000

Supported Devices

Step 1: Add a Source Key

A source key must be added first to connect your device. Go to ‘Settings’ from your side menu bar and then select ‘API Keys’ on the drop down menu. Click on "+Add API Key" to add a new source key. For more information on adding an API Key, refer to the API Keys section of the user guide.

Step 2: Register and Pair Device

After a source key has been generated, return to the Device Manager section under Settings. Click on the '+' button to add a new Device.The following screen will appear to register the device:

Device Manager

Enter the Device’s Name, select the Source Key from the drop down menu as shown below, and select the Terminal Type as Standalone.

Please Note: Device name can contain letters, numbers, spaces, and dashes. All other characters will be filtered out.

API Key Selection Drop Down

Once the Device Name, Source Key, and Terminal Type have been selected, click on '+Register'. The Merchant Console will then generate a pairing code to pair your device to the Merchant Console.

Device Manager

The CASTLES MP200 device will then ask you to enter the pairing code (shown in the Merchant Console):

Device Manager

The Vega3000 device pairing screen:


Once the pairing code has been entered, your device should be connected. In the Device Manager, the green icon in the top right of the box indicates that the device is connected.

Device Manager

Step 3: Device Options

Click on the device to view the device’s settings. The following page with the device’s information and options will appear:


Device Manager



Default Terminal Configuration Check the boxes to allow the device to accept the following types of payment: EMV, Debit MSR, and Contactless. Enable Tip Adjust to adjust the transaction to include tip after the transaction has been approved.

Settings In this section, you can set the Timeout period, Enable initializing transaction from device, Share Device, and edit the Source Key.

Device Updates

Push Updates from Device Manager

When a new build for an MP200 Terminal is available, you will be notified through the Device Manager in the merchant console. All devices which have not been updated to the latest build will show an "Update Available" icon like the one below:

Device Manager

To push the update to the MP200, click the "Update Available" icon OR click on the device to view the details and then click "Send an Update to the Device".

Device Manager

Once you have submitted the request to update, the system will then ask you to confirm the update. Click "Close" to cancel and update later or "Confirm" to proceed with with update.

Device Manager

If the MP200 is powered on and connected to wifi, it will prompt you to confirm you would like to update the device. On the MP200, press the red button in the lower left to cancel the update and press the green button in the lower right to confirm the update. If the MP200 is not plugged-in, the terminal will prompt you to connect to power before it will process the update.

Please Note: If your MP200 is currently on Build 51 or below, the device will prompt for an update and the first update with update the MP200 from your current build to Build 52. Then it will prompt again from another update and once you accept, it will update to Build 53.

Pending Update Label

If the MP200 is unavailable or offline when you push the update from the Device Manager the label on the device will change from "Update Available" to "Pending Update":

Device Manager

Once the MP200 connects to wifi or the console, it will prompt for an update.

Set Remote Update Notifications

If you would like to automatically receive prompts for pending updates directly to the MP200 (instead of periodically checking the Device Manager), turn on the "Update Notifications" setting. Please Note: The MP200 must be connected to Wi-Fi to receive these notifications.

Device Manager

To turn this setting on, click on the the device in the Device Manager. Check the "Update Notifications" box, and click "Apply" or "Save". Repeat for each device you would like to receive these notifications.

Enable Standalone Mode

In order to activate Standalone Mode on your Vega3000 device, you will need to check "Enable Standalone" and click "Apply" or "Save". On your device, you will need to enter the Main Menu by holding down the '9' key until you hear a second beep. Once in the Main Menu, you can simply press the cancel button to enter the Standalone Menu.

Standalone Setting

Click here for more information on Standalone mode.