Transaction Codes

All transactions are tagged with three fields: Type, Status and Response. These three fields are essential in determining what a transaction is and where it is in the transaction flow.

Transaction Type Codes

Credit Cards

Code Description
A Auth Only (will show in Queued Transactions)
C Credit Card Refund (Credit)
S Credit Card Sale (Simple Charge or New Order)
L Capture (Capturing an Auth Only from the Queue)
V Voided Credit Card Sale
Z Voided Credit Card Refund (Credit)
_ Verify Credit Card

Debit Cards

Code Description
D Debit Card Sale
N Debit Card Refund
W Voided Debit Card Sale

Gift Cards

Code Description
F Gift Card Sale
3 Gift Card Refund
T Activation
2 Add Value
Q Balance Inquiry
4 Change Status
5 Transfer Value
6 Generate

ACH (Electronic Checks)

Code Description
K Check Sale
R Check Refund
H Reverse ACH

Offline (Reporting Only)

Code Description
G Cash Sale
E Cash Refund
X Credit Card Sale
Y Credit Card Refund
J Check (Physical Check)
M Gift Certificate
I Invoice


Code Description
P Secure Vault Payment

Internal Gateway

Code Description
B Batch Close Queued (this type is obsolete, we now mark pending transactions with batch id -2)
U Upload Command
O Open Batch

Transaction Status Codes

Code Description
N New Transaction (has not been processed yet)
P Pending (credit cards: batch has not closed / checks: has not been sent to fed yet)
B Submitted (checks: sent to fed, void no longer available)
F Funded (checks: date the money left the account)
S Settled (credit cards: batch has been closed / checks: transaction has cleared)
E Error
V Voided (checks)
R Returned (checks), Authorization Released (credit cards)
T Timed Out (checks: no update from processor for 5 days)
M On Hold, Manager Approval Required (checks)
H On Hold, Pending Processor Review (checks)

Transaction Response Codes

Code Description
A Approved
D Declined
E Error
V Verification (Cardinal VbV)