ACH Check File Formats

Depending on which ACH processor they are using, merchants have the ability to select the file format that the ACH processor will use for a transaction. If the merchant's processor supports this feature they will have a drop down available in their virtual terminal listing the file formats that are available to them. Descriptions of these formats are available on this page.



Accounts Receivable Conversion. Used for payments being made against a bill such as a utility. Signed Authorization by Customer required.


Back Office Conversion. Paper checks that are collected in a retail environment and then scanned and batched electronically. Customer notification “Checks are Electronically Processed” required at Point of Sale.


Cash Concentration or Disbursement. Used for the transfer of funds between entities. Signed Authorization by Customer required.


Point-of-Purchase. Paper checks that are converted (scanned) into electronic format at the point of sale. The original paper check is voided and returned to the customer. Point of Sale is authorization.


Prearranged Payment or Deposit. Credits or Debits that have been pre-arranged by consumers to draft from their personal bank account. Typically used for recurring payments. Signed Authorization by Customer required, or contract language along with voided check.


Re-Presentation Check. After a check has been return for insufficient funds it may be attempted again using this format. RCK may only be retried once. Customer notification “Returned Checks are Electronically Re-Processed” required at Point of Sale.


Telephone Intiated Entry. Transaction information was received via the telephone. Transactions Authorization script must be recorded at the time the transaction is processed, or written acknowledgment sent to the customer.


Internet Initiated Entry. Transaction was received from consumer via the Internet (ie shopping cart). Web transactions require a drop-down “I agree” or a standard form of acknowledgment initiated by the customer and MUST be HTTPS secured web-page.


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