Test ACH Data

The following list of test check information is made available for testing check processing functionality on our Sandbox System. The account data should not be used in production. All approved transactions will be moved to “submitted” at 5pm PST and on the following day at 8am PST will move to “settled”.

Routing Account Amount Response Reason
987654321 Any Any Error Invalid routing Number
Any Any 5.99 Decline Returned check for this account
Any Any 9999.99 ManagerApproval Warning: You have exceeded your allocated monthly transaction volume
  • Any other combination of 9 digit routing number and account number will return an approval.

Return Message Test ACH Data

If you use the following check information transactions will be moved to “submitted” at 5pm PST and the following account numbers will trigger returns at 8am on the 3rd day.

Routing Account Amount Response Reason
Any 10178101 Any Returned R01: Insufficient Funds
Any 10178102 Any Returned R02: Account Closed
Any 10178103 Any Returned R03: No Account/Unable to Locate Account
Any 10178104 Any Returned R04: Invalid Account Number
Any 10178106 Any Returned R06: Returned per Originating Depository Financial Institution's Request
Any 10178107 Any Returned R07: Authorization Revoked by Customer
Any 10178108 Any Returned R08: Payment Stopped
Any 10178110 Any Returned R10: Customer Advises not Authorized
Any 10178116 Any Returned R16: Account Frozen