Track Applications

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The Track Applications page of your Reseller Console allows you to monitor the progress of merchant applications that you have submitted for processing. You can search your merchant application list, view and delete individual applications and easily track all of your merchant applications as they make their way from beginning to end of the application process.

The list of merchant applications stored in the Track Applications page are grouped together by status (i.e. Pending, Approved, etc.) and within those groupings, they can be sorted by Company (default), Contact, Credit Card Processing Platform, or the date on which the application was last updated. Click the column header to reorder the list. The total number of applications currently in the system is displayed to the top right of the column headers.

If your account is enabled for multiple resellers, the bar at the top of the merchant application list will alert you to which reseller accounts are being reported on in the merchant application tracking system.

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To change which resellers are included in this section, click on the bar and you will be able to move resellers from a list of "available resellers" to "selected resellers" and vice versa.

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Simply click on the reseller that you would like to add or remove from the track applications list and click on the corresponding button. When you have selected the desired resellers to include in the "selected resellers" list, simply click the save button to preserve your changes and return to the list of applications. If you do not wish to save your changes, click Cancel and your changes will be discarded and you will be returned to the list of merchant applications.

Find Merchant Application

To find a particular merchant application, simply enter your search term into the field provided at the top of the merchant application list and click the find button. You can search by merchant Contact or Company.

View Merchant Application

To view the details of any of your merchant applications, click on the View button to the right of the application. You will be able to view the following tabs: General, Accounts, Billing, Source Keys, Equipment, Fraud Modules, Notes.

If you have the necessary permissions, you can edit new merchant applications to make corrections or to add multiple merchants with similar information.

Edit Merchant Application


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The General information tab includes basic details about the merchant application such as Company name and Contact, address, phone number and other contact information.

Merchant Application: General
Contact Name of contact person at merchant company
Company Name of merchant company
Street Merchant street address
Street 2 Optional
City Merchant city
State Merchant State
Zip Merchant Zip code
Country Merchant Country
Email Merchant contact email address
Alt Email alternate contact email address
Fax Merchant facsimile number
Phone Merchant telephone number
Mobile Merchant mobile phone number
Status Status of merchant application, e.g. Pending, Approved, etc.
Last Updated date on which merchant application was last altered or updated
Started date on which merchant application was initiated
Call In Pass call-in password assigned to merchant account (optional)
Batch Settings
Auto Close Batches Every: Time duration between automatic batch processing. Choices are: Never, Specific Time (enter specific time at which batch will close daily in Pacific Standard Time), 6 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours, 36 Hours, 48 Hours, 72 Hours
Customer Database/Recurring Billing
Times to Retry: Number of times automatic billing should be retried, choose 0-5
Run Billing At: Time at which to run automatic billing cycles
User Info
Username Username for merchant account (optional - if you choose not to assign a username to the account, one will be assigned by a customer service agent)
Send Instructions To: email address(es) to which user instructions should be set upon account activation


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The accounts tab details the specifics of the merchant's new account including credit, debit, check and direct payment processing platforms. To select or alter section of a platform, click on the platform to view and update specific details.

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To enable debit card processing for the merchant account, check the box labeled "Enabled" in the Debit Processing section.

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Select the merchant's check processing platform (if any).

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Fill in the necessary details for the merchant's check processing platform account.

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This section displays the merchant's billing information and fee settings.

Merchant's Billing Account Information
Bank Name name of merchant service bank
Routing Number merchant bank routing number
Account Number merchant bank account number

Choose a gateway package, gateway packages will vary depending on your account. If you have futher questions about packages and billing, contact our channel sales department at

API Keys

You can choose to create one or more API keys for the new merchant you add.

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Each source used by a merchant (such as their point of sale system, online shopping cart, mobile device, etc.) is assigned a unique "Key" by the gateway. This key is used to identify the source of each transaction when it is processed through the gateway. Each source and its corresponding key is stored in the Sources and Keys section of the Merchant Console.

You may enter the name of a source here, or you may choose to wait until the merchant application has been processed.

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Each source key can have an assigned PIN, but a PIN should only be assigned to the source key if you are sure that the merchant's software can support a PIN. If you are not sure, please leave the PIN space blank.

If you choose to include a source in the new merchant application so that a key can be generated, please include an email address in the "Email Key To" space. Once the key has been generated by the gateway, the merchant will receive important information about the key via this email address.

Source Key (optional)
Key Name The name of the source to which the key will belong (i.e. POS, eCart, Mobile Device, etc.)
PIN PIN (Personal Identification Number) assigned to the key (optional) only enter if you are sure a PIN will be supported by the merchant's software
Delivery Possible Options:
- Email- Email the api key to an email address. This option will require you to enter an email to send the API key info to.
- Software Vendor- Select software to create an API key for, and to integrate to. This option will require you to select a software vedor from the list.

Advanced Settings

You can also adjust the advances settings for the api key.

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  • Allowed Commands - Select the commands the API key will be permitted to process. Your allowed commands should be based on who will be using the source, how public it is, and the specific fraud modules you plan to add. Available commands: Sale, Auth Only, Check Sale, Cash Sale, Credit, Post Auth, Check Credit, Cash Credit, Void, and Capture.
  • Duplicate Transaction Handling - This setting allows you to prevent fraud by catching similar or identical transactions occurring within a set period of time. Please Note: This option is not compatible with check transactions and should not be used in conjunction with the Duplicate Detection fraud module.
    • This feature folds transactions when two or more transactions:
      • 1) happen within the specified Time Limit AND
      • 2) the specified criteria matches.
    • In the event a duplicate transaction is detected, the system will fold in the second transaction and the customer will be shown the first authorization again. To enable this feature enter a number of minutes in the "Time Limit" field and select one of the following options in the drop down menu:
      • None: Selecting this option leaves this feature DISABLED. This is the default setting.
      • Fold if ALL data matches: Transactions processed within the time limit where all transaction data matches will be folded. Duplicate transactions must be processed on this payment form to be folded.
      • Fold if card #, amount, order ID, and source match: Transactions processed within the time limit with the same card number, amount, and order ID will be folded. Duplicate transactions must processed on this payment form to be folded.
      • Fold if card # and amount match: Transactions processed within the time limit with the same card number and amount will be folded. When this option is enabled, the gateway looks at ALL previous transactions on the account (not just those processed on this form), when determining if a transaction is a duplicate.
  • Transaction Timeout - Enter the maximum time you would like transactions to wait before the transaction times out. This should be entered in seconds.
  • Expired Authorizations - Select from the drop down menu on what actions to take for expired authorizations. Options are shown below:
    • Ignore expiration and capture original auth - Checks "Expire Auth After" in settings. If authorization has expired, it will force a capture of the original authorization. Please Note: Maximum "Expire Auth After" setting is 30 days. We would not recommend capturing transactions over 60 days due to the charge back risk.
    • Block capture and return error - Checks "Expire Auth After" in settings. If authorization has expired, an error will be returned.
    • Re-authorize transaction - Checks "Expire Auth After" in settings. If the authorization has expired, it will attempt to reauthorize the same card.
  • Email Merchant Receipt To - Any emailed merchant receipts will be sent to this email address. You may add more than one email by adding additional emails on new lines.
  • Allowed IP’s - Enter a whitelist of the allowed IP addresses, with each IP address on its own line. To allow all IP addresses, leave the field blank.

Deleting a Source Key

Right click on the source you would like to delete and select delete. A window will open asking you to confirm this deletion.

Please Note: Once a source key has been deleted from the system, any software such as third party shopping carts that was configured to use the source key will no longer be able to process transactions.


The Notes tab can be used to communicate or record important details about the merchant application. Each note will be posted to the notes tab and tagged with a time stamp and your username.

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Delete Merchant Application

To delete a merchant application, click the Delete button to the right of the application you wish to delete. You will be taken to a confirmation screen where you can click Okay to continue, or Cancel to stop the deletion process and return to the track applications screen. If you choose to delete an application, the unprocessed application record with be stored in our database for thirty (30) days.